The most delicate and precise breast reduction procedure in Dubai today

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Having an overly large bosom can be a cause of discomfort for both men and women. It can cause backache due to the excess weight, and it can also make one feel self-conscious about one’s appearance. In cases like this, breast-reduction surgery can help. The procedure removes fat and glandular tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases removes excess skin, resulting in a chest that is better contoured to your particular preference.

Our world-class procedure for the reduction of enlarged breasts

Correction of enlarged breasts is performed in a hospital under general anaesthesia. If excess glandular tissue is the primary cause of the enlargement, it will be excised.
If your particular case consists primarily of excessive fatty tissue, your surgeon will likely use liposuction to remove the excess fat from the breast area.

In extreme cases where large amounts of fat or glandular tissue have been removed, skin may not adjust well to the new smaller breast contour. In these cases, excess skin may have to be removed.

A personalised reduction plan for each client

As a clinic, our philosophy revolves around the idea that every patient is unique, and therefore, our approach to each case must be unique as well. As such, we create a bespoke breast reduction plan for each of our patients to ensure that we achieve result that meet our patients’ expectations.

Each custom-tailored plan consists of recommended surgical procedures implemented in a specific order to produce the look that the patient wishes to achieve.

After the surgery you can return to your daily routine whenever you feel well enough – which could be as early as a day or two after the surgery.

It is important to note that the results of the procedure are permanent and cannot be reverted.

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Dr. Kayle welcomes the idea of providing our patients with as much information as possible about our services. If you are interested in finding out more about our procedures, whether it is a breast reduction procedure or a breast implant surgery, please feel free to contact us today and schedule a consultation with us.

adminThe most delicate and precise breast reduction procedure in Dubai today