Moles or melanocytic are benign pigmented lesions that can occur on any part of the body. Some moles are present at birth while others are acquired during childhood and adolescence. Individuals with lighter skin complexion (blonde hair, blue/green eyes, burn easily in the sun) have the tendency to develop many moles, especially on sunexposed areas. It is important to observe these moles; sometimes they can change into a cancer called malignant melanoma.

If you have many moles, it is good to seek the opinion of your dermatologist who will give you a full skin exam using a dermatoscope. This is a hand held magnifier that helps identify early changes in moles. Your dermatologist may also take photos of your moles to store in the computer for comparison during follow up visits.

Any mole that exhibits the ABCDE (Asymmetry, irregular Borders, many Colors, Diameter more than 5mm, recent Elevation) will either be observed or removed surgically. Any mole that appears after the age of 40 should be looked at by your dermatologist.



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