Cynthia Bou Khalil [Clinicial Dietitian]


Cynthia Bou Khalil is a clinical dietitian recognized among the top dietitians in Lebanon. She believes that weight loss is a one to one approach based mainly on a lot of motivation, counseling and support.

She graduated from Universite Saint Joseph (USJ) in Lebanon and completed her MSc in Human Nutrition at McGill University in Montreal.

Cynthia has more than 5 years experience in weight loss as well as teaching in many universities in Lebanon and UAE. She hosted her weekly radio show and took part of TV programs to talk about health. Cynthia currently practices in Lebanon and in Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai offering her patients her best care.

“Your body can do anything, its your brain you have to convince”Cynthia Bou Khalil

She is not only an expert in weight loss, but she also follows pregnant women, kids, underweight patients and people with diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

She is passionate about teaching people how to eat healthy foods in a manner that is scientifically proven to prevent disease and increase health. She looks at the “big picture” of her patients’ health history and lifestyle in order to provide the most unique nutrition plan.

Her approach is different than most other nutritionists in the sense that she will never ask to count calories, points or grams of fat, but rather support and develop a healthy relationship with real foods.

It is basically a new lifestyle: No diets, No magic pills or potions. Just real food for optimal health.

“Junk food satisfies you for a minute, being fit satisfies you for life”Cynthia Bou Khalil

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