Dr Ferdos Alsaigh [Obstetrics - Gynecology]


After graduation from Medical College Doctor Alsaigh trained and practiced for 10 years in London, Where she obtained her membership of Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologist London U.K to be followed by getting fellowship of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Royal College London U.K One thing that we promise our patient is the relaxing and comforting care they will experience in our clinic. Each Patient will have enough time to listen, to discuss every essential aspect what concern her. In a very transparent and confidential matter. She been practicing in Dubai since 1998 and does her surgery and Deliveries in City Hospital.

She is a leading practitioner in women healthcare that include

1. Infertility investigation and treatment
2. Expert knowledge in hormonal dysfunction mainly poly cystic ovary syndrome
3. Management of Pregnancy and its Complication and deliveries ( normal and cesarean delivery )
4. Management of Pre and Post-Menopausal syndrome by using bio-identical hormone or other available methods
5. Cervical cancer screening
6. Colposcopy and Biopsy to rule out any abnormality of cervical cells and Laser Therapy and all minor and major gynecological surgery
7. Options of contraceptives
8. Loop insertions
9. Vaginal Repair
10. Special interest in aesthetic vulva and vaginal surgery
11. Management of STD with strict Confidentiality

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adminDr Ferdos Alsaigh [Obstetrics - Gynecology]