For fuller, plumper lips, get lip fillers from the premiere clinic in Dubai

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“No guarantee that result will be the same as it might vary from one individual to another”

Fuller lips make for a great physical asset. Full and plump lips can enhance the sensuality and attractiveness of a person. In fact, some of the most attractive celebrities in the world today boast full, pouty lips – from the silver screen of Hollywood to the colourful world of Bollywood.

If you want your lips to have more volume and shape, there is one name you can count on – Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic. Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic is one of the leading cosmetic clinics in Dubai today, offering a wide array of aesthetic solutions to modern day beauty problems. By combining the latest advancements in the field with proven methods of application, we seek to help patients achieve the look they want for their lips.

Minimally-invasive procedures for fillers

We here at Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic only use internationally approved and accepted solutions for our lip filling treatments. We utilise fillers comprising hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance in the body – which helps improve the shape and volume of lips.

Our procedure involves injecting lip fillers in and around the mouth to induce a visible increase in volume and shape. Not only does the procedure help improve both shape and volume, it also improves structure. We can help you achieve a Cupid’s bow for a poutier, more attractive upper lip.

In some cases, lip fillers can even ease away laugh and frown lines that form around the area of the mouth due to the frequent contraction of the muscles underneath the skin. With the help of our experienced cosmetic specialists and doctors, we can make your mouth area smoother, and your lips poutier and more sensual.

Long-lasting results with minimal risks of side-effects

The results of the initial procedure are expected to last approximately half a year, or 6 months. Usually, additional injections are needed beyond said period in order to maintain the same volume and shape. Due to the natural composition of our filling solution, there is very little risk of allergic reaction.

However, it would be best to inform your doctor if you are allergic to lidocaine, so as necessary adjustments can be made.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation

To find out more about our lip fillers in Dubai, other procedures such as liposuction, please feel free to get in touch with us today. Our specialists will be more than happy to sit down and talk with you.

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adminFor fuller, plumper lips, get lip fillers from the premiere clinic in Dubai