Circumferential Reduction

What is Circumferential Reduction?

Many people are not satisfied with their body’s shape because of excess fat, cellulite or loose skin.

BEAM technology accurately & precisely imitates the body’s Bio-Electrical process by sending pre-defined electrical pulses through the nervous system. Muscles are activated; blood circulation and metabolism are increased.

This procedure can reduce abdominal circumference by as much as 4 cm in a single treatment and long lasting results can be attained in only 4 to 5 weeks. There are no side effects so the patient can resume his/her daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Another technology is a unique, multi-application Radio Frequency (RF) based platform that provides therapeutic heat at different tissue depths (dermal and sub-dermal tissue) that is virtually painless.

Treatment sessions last about 30 minutes, to one hour. The practitioner focuses on your problem areas, but time is given to other areas to stimulate circulation and fatty acid elimination. Usually patients notice changes within 4 sessions. The average number of treatments is 8 to 12 for maximum results.


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