Eyebrow Lift, Non-Surgical

Eyebrow Lift ?
As the face ages, we suffer from dropping of the eyebrows. This will make the excess upper eyelid skin even more noticeable.
Depending on the degree and the age of the patient. Non-surgical eyebrow lifting can usually be achieved through one or more of the following procedures:
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment treatment which will help counteract the effect of a muscle known as orbicularis oculi (a circular muscle around the eye). Thus, lifting the eyebrow.
Fillers to the upper eyelid area. This will help to lift the eyebrow and to give it more volume and better definition.
Thread lifting of the eyebrow through resorbable sutures.
Skin tightening devices applied to the upper eyelid and forehead area such as Sublative Rejuvenation and Sublime Rejuvenation treatments.

Most commonly, combining 2 or more of the above treatments would give the best results


anas_seoEyebrow Lift, Non-Surgical

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