Laser Glow Peel

Laser Glow Peel

When your mirror reveals a dull tired skin, and you feel that you need to do something about it but you can’t afford a long down time, then a laser glow peel can be your best choice.

The Glow Peel remove the top tired layer of your skin, allowing a newer more fresh skin to emerge from underneath, and accelerating the skin’s own renewal process. This is done with utmost precision as far as the depth of action is concerned, which makes the treatment completely safe.

The Glow Peel help achieve a beautifully smooth skin at a near-no-downtime procedure (less than 1 day). It is appropriate for almost any patient. The Glow Peel will improve on fine wrinkles and pigmentory changes induced by sun damage.

Patients will end up with a glowing brighter and softer skin within 24 – 36 hours. They can then apply make-up, which in turn will sit better on the new skin.

anas_seoLaser Glow Peel

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