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COVID-19 Update – Online Consultation

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The impact of COVID-19 on the whole world has been devastating. So, with respect and responsibility towards the community, Dr. Kayle has decided to offer free virtual (online) consultations for plastic surgery inquiries. If you are looking for a consultation click on the WhatsApp icon to get in touch with Dr. Kayle for any inquiries or questions that you might have.

Quick Guidelines to protect yourself from COVID-19

Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water on a frequent basis even when they are not visibly dirty. Especially before cooking, eating or bringing them into contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.

Travelled Overseas

If you have travelled overseas or any other impacted area within the country strictly self-quarantine yourself for 14 days after returning to your home. Self-quarantine helps to stop the spread of Corona virus amongst people surrounding you, in case you are not aware that you are affected by COVID-19.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Take care of your health if you find any symptoms of COVID-19 like cough, sore throat, fever or find difficulty in breathing immediately consult a doctor and take proper medication.

Social Distancing

Maintain social distancing. Leave your homes for essential duties or for unavoidable work commitments. Head out out with proper precautions like face masks, gloves and effective hand sanitizers.

Eat Healthy

The only way to fight with Corona is to improve your immunity and that can be achieved with a balanced healthy diet, exercise and rest.

Cleanliness Routine

Maintain a cleanliness routine for your body, house and surrounding.

If you suspect you have COVID-19, follow this steps.

Let’s help the government and fight together to root COVID-19 from the UAE.

About Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic is led by a team of experienced plastic surgeons, dermatologists and gynecologists. We offer the most advanced methods of aesthetic enhancement and plastic surgery, which is why we are renowned as one of the leading aesthetic clinics in the Dubai.

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