Koosar Abdalwahab Dental Hygienist

Koosar Abdalwahab is a committed and passionate dental hygienist. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Utrecht with a BSc in Dental Hygiene. During the early years of her career, she provided dental care for the less fortunate in the south of Spain and conducted research on the country’s dental care program.

In addition, Koosar Abdalwahab has conducted scientific evidence-based research on a variety of devices to reduce tooth sensitivity and completed courses on identifying and treating head-and-neck cancers.

As a dental specialist, Koosar Abdalwahab has worked in several private practices throughout the Netherlands, where she has treated gum problems, after-care of implants, frightened patients, and children.

In the Netherlands, she mentors dental hygiene students in a thriving internship program at her clinics. As a caring and patient-centered dentist with gentle hands, she consistently delivers the best dental results.

Koosar Abdalwahab has also continued to expand her passion for dental hygiene by teaching people on social media about the importance of proper dental hygiene and has treated a variety of Dutch celebrities through these platforms.