Ass you were: The treatments that will yield a pert posterior!

Press article

With party season just around the corner, you will want to look your absolute best whether you wear a classic LBD or one of this season’s on-trend embellished midi dresses! Of course, whatever your sartorial choice, it will be most flattering if you have a beautiful silhouette. Gone are the gamine figures of the past and in recent years, thanks to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians, curves have been embraced and are very much the body shape du jour.

For those who are not blessed with a derriere to die for, there are a range of non-invasive treatments and more invasive procedures for which you can opt to hone and transform your physique.

For those with a little too much around the midsection, VelaShape is a terrific option. This non-invasive body contouring treatment offers a circumferential reduction of the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Unlike most cellulite treatments that use one modality to treat the appearance of dimpled skin, VelaShape uses a combination of four: infrared light, bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy, massage, and gentle suction. The suction brings the skin closer to the energy source inside the handheld device, working with the massage to help relax and stretch the stiff fibrous bands under the skin that cause the dimpling and orange peel texture known as cellulite. The infrared and RF energies heat the skin, tightening tissue and making fat cells shrink and, in some cases, die. The heat reduces skin laxity by tightening the existing underlying dermal collagen fibers and stimulating collagen and elastin production, which builds more firmness and elasticity over time. It is also a great treatment to have post-op for liposuction as it can tighten the skin and speed the recovery process.

For those who need a more extreme solution to achieve their body shape goals, surgery may be the answer. While liposuction can often be used to remove stubborn fat that had not been eliminated by diet and exercise, it can also be used in combination with a lifting procedure to perform the much-hyped, A-list favourite: the Brazilian butt lift. Harvesting the fat from your stomach and thighs, this fat can be used to shape your buttocks into a curvy and firm look to enhance your own natural beauty.