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Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating can be very embarrassing but we can spare those blushes!

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a common medical condition. It is characterized by sweating beyond the physiological needs of the body. If you’re experiencing Hyperhidrosis you may sweat so much that it soaks through your clothes or drips off your hands. Besides disrupting normal daily activities, this type of heavy sweating can cause social anxiety and embarrassment.

There is no medical cause for hyperhidrosis, but there are conditions like diabetes, thyroid, low blood sugar, nervous system disorder or infection which leads to excessive sweating.

It mostly affects the palms of the hands, feet, and armpits. This condition can be treated very effectively with neurotoxin treatment. This substance prevents the release of chemicals that signal activation of the sweat glands for between 6 to 10 months.

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