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Alarplasty Surgery

Making wide nostrils smaller is a common aesthetic wish for many people. But now thanks to alarplasty you can get smaller nostrils.

Alarplasty, also known as alar base reduction surgery, is a type of cosmetic nasal surgery that’s done under local anaesthesia. It is performed by reducing the extra amount of skin and soft tissue that’s causing wide nostrils.

Ideal Candidate for Alarplasty:

If a person has wide nostrils or has over large, oddly-shaped, or misshapen nostril then he/she is the right candidate for Alarplasty.

Alarplasty Procedure:

  1. Firstly, the surgeon will make markings on the nose with a pen to visualize the results.
  2. Then the surgeon will put the patient on a local anesthesia and make an incision and carve out the small shape of the nose that they wish to have removed.
  3. After incision, sutures will be made to reinforce the new shape of the alar base.

Alar Base Reduction Recovery Time:

The recovery time after alarplasty is shorter than other cosmetic surgeries. The patient will get the final results after one or two months, once the swelling and bruising disappear.

Alarplasty Cost:

The cost of alar based reduction surgery can widely vary according to the patient’s needs and the type and number of changes that the surgeon must perform in the nose, in addition to any additional cosmetic procedures that are required to get the desired outcome. So, it is best to consult our specialist plastic surgeons for a better overview of the cost.

Conclusion :

If you want a better-looking nostril without altering the overall shape of the nose, this is the perfect surgery for you.

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