Dr. Jad El Khawand Specialist Prosthodontics

Dr.Jad El Khawand

Dr. Jad El Khawand holds a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree as well as a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Dentistry and Prosthodontics from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr. Jad is certified from the American Board, an active member of both the Lebanese Prosthodontics Association and the Department of removable prosthodontics at Saint Joseph University Beirut.

With 15+ years of experience dedicated to his passion for cosmetic and Hollywood smile dentistry, Dr. Jad strongly believes that everyone deserves to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

His clinical interests include the likes of Ceramic Veneers, Full rehabilitation over natural teeth and implants with all types of ceramics, Digital Smile Design and Mockup, composites and Inlay-Onlay restorations, partial and Complete dentures and whitening.

Dr. Jad has successfully positioned himself at the forefront of his specialty, through his discipline and dedication to ongoingly equip himself with the latest technological innovations, and protocols in Esthetics dentistry, attending specialized numerous global leading training programs and international scientific conventions.