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Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

Gynecomastia affects an estimated 40 percent of men. It may affect only one breast or both. Breast-reduction surgery can help. The procedure removes fat and glandular tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases removes excess skin, resulting in a chest that is flatter, firmer, and better contoured.

Gynecomastia Surgery Procedure

Correction of enlarged male breasts is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. If excess glandular tissue is the primary cause of the breast enlargement, it will be excised. If your gynecomastia consists primarily of excessive fatty tissue, your surgeon will likely use liposuction to remove the excess fat. In extreme cases where large amounts of fat or glandular tissue have been removed, skin may not adjust well to the new smaller breast contour. In these cases, excess skin may have to be removed. Complications are infrequent and usually minor and always under control. These include infection and pigment changes in the breast area. 

Gynecomastia After Surgery 

You can return to work when you feel well enough – which could be as early as a day or two after gynecomastia surgery in Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai. 

The results of the procedure are significant and permanent and you’ll be very satisfied with your new look. 

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