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Laser Weekend Peel

When you want a quick treatment that can improve your skin with results better than that of microdermabrasion, facial or light peel, then the Laser Week-End Peel is your best friend!

Laser Weekend Peel Solves the following issues:

      • Wrinkles
      • Acne scars
      • Pigmented lesions
      • Lax skin
      • Poor skin tone/texture

Laser Week-End Peel gives you a fresher and smoother skin surface by painlessly vaporizing off the outer 20 microns of your dead skin. Compared to other treatments such as microdermabrasion, it removes 10 more microns of the outer skin. An anesthetic cream is applied for a painless treatment.
You might experience 2 days of redness similar to sunburn with some peeling on the second day after the procedure. Enjoy a better-looking skin with guaranteed results that will continue to improve for several weeks after the treatment. Treatments can be done monthly as required.

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