How Angular Became 2020’s Surprising Cosmetic Surgery Trend

Cate Blanchett Cosmetic Surgery

It has a been a while since fake, puffy lips, large, surgically enhanced breasts, and “pulled” faces that are obviously “done” have been the predominant cosmetic surgery trend. In fact, the natural look is gaining major traction in the cosmetic industry and in recent years, patients are focused on looking more like a well-rested, refreshed version of themselves rather than looking like they have spent time under a surgeon’s scalpel.

Hollywood is a major influence in this new trend and while casting directors and producers may once have embraced breast implants and other surgically-enhanced body parts today, as celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett and Halle Berry reign supreme, the natural look is gold-dust. But these 40 and 50-something celebrities are responsible for another less obvious trend – strong, angular jawlines.

Filler for the jawline is one of 2020’s most popular procedure. Given the prevalence social media has in our lives, everyone is hyperaware of every angle because we are taking so many more images of ourselves. From the side profile, the outline of the hairline all the way down to the tip of the chin creates an obtuse angle. But based on facial symmetry, the most visually appealing angle for women’s jawlines specifically is about 125 degrees (think Rihanna and Angelina Jolie as beacons for this). To mimic that, injectables can be used to fill out the back of someone’s jaw to achieve their desired angle and visually separate the jaw from the neck.

As well as the jawline, the trend for a precise and angular faces means there are several requests for chin implants and/or fillers, which can change the shape of a chin to generate better facial symmetry. By injecting a structural filler along the bone to build it out, you can accomplish symmetry between the edges of the chin and the outermost corners of the mouth for what society deems more masculine facial metrics, something that the current cohort of female A-listers are poster girls for now!