How to Prevent Pilling

how to prevent pilling

Even if you follow a detailed skincare routine and perfectly blend each makeup product you may notice tiny little bobbles on the skin, which is referred to as pilling. There are several reasons that this can happen.

First of all, perhaps you are using too many silicone-based products. Silicone is renowned to be one of the biggest culprits of pilling. Although it is supposed to create a smooth, long-lasting canvas for your makeup, it is not actually absorbed so pilling can occur.

Another way to prevent pilling is to apply products to the skin in the right order. This will ensure each one is absorbed correctly before the next product is applied. A good rule of thumb is to Always start with water-based products and then move on to cream/oil-based products. In practical terms, this means your serums will go on first and a rich cream or facial oil will be the final step in your skincare routine.

Also, give your skin adequate time to absorb one product before applying another. By rushing, essential what is happening is that you are wiping off the product you have just applied with the application of the next one.

Remember, the best canvas for your skincare and make-up is clean, fresh skin so exfoliate at least once a week. If you are applying skincare and makeup on top of a layer of dead skin cells, your skin will never be able to absorb any of it. Instead, the products will linger on the surface of the skin and form these tiny bubbles and eventually slide off. Optimised absorption of products decreases chances of pilling. So, add an exfoliator into your skincare routine and book in for an in-clinic treatment such as HydraFacial to encourage regular skin cell turnover and ensure your skin is as healthy as possible.