This is how you can make your under-eye bags disappear!

As we age, the area immediately under the eyes can become hollow due to loss of volume. But, thanks to a pioneering aesthetic technique, you can wipe away the years and return a more youthful look to the eye contour area.

While hyaluronic acid fillers can be used in the under eye area to combat hollowness, the material will eventually get reabsorbed by the body and so the results will fade within 5-6 months. But, if you choose to have a fat filling under-eye transfer, your rejuvenation will last between one to two years, if not longer! The under-eye fat transfer starts by harvesting fat from the thigh, before injecting it below the lower eyelid, to puff up the area. Best of all, because the filler is coming from your own body, there is zero chance of any sort of allergic reaction or irritation. As an added benefit, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes can smoothed out if the fat transfer technique is done in tandem with laser resurfacing, ensuring you enjoy a more revived appearance.

Dr Kayle recently performed this procedure on the Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East to rave reviews. Check out what she says: Bags be gone, I finally got my under-eye situation sorted | Cosmopolitan Middle East (