Why Safe And Natural Are 2021’s Cosmetic Surgery Buzzwords

2021 Cosmetic Surgery Trends||

It’s safe to say the pandemic changed many of our life’s views and cosmetic surgery is no exception. Thanks to WFH and the constant presence of zoom in our working lives, as well as digital meet-ups with friends, we have never been forced to spend so much time micro-analysing how we look – and with athleisure wear being the outfit of choice for many of us, our aesthetic wants and priorities have shifted, as Dr Kayle explains.

Subtle and safe

Patients are less willing to take risks on highly invasive procedures now and this refocus means that the exaggerated hourglass figure famed by the Kardashians is no longer in vogue. Even now, breast augmentation patients are asking for smaller, more natural implants and those who want butt lifts are asking for smaller sizes, with more of an emphasis on shape rather than volume, as this allows contouring and shaping with greater safety.

Zooming in on your face

While use of injectables will rise, the effect people are after is very different. Forget “Instagram face”, it will now be all about subtle tweaks, focusing on the quality of skin, naturally shaped lips, baby Botox and using dermal fillers to highlight and celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of our own face.

I have had an exponential rise in the number of enquiries for procedures that will ensure you have refreshed-looking eyes peering out above that mask. I think we will see an increasing use of temple filler to help create ‘infinity cheeks’, extending them up into the temple and hairline area, which really makes the eyes stand out. Upper eyelid surgery can produce terrific results and has long-lasting results and low downtime, as well as being an affordable surgical procedure. Also, sculpting and contouring of jawlines and chins has become more popular too. These trends can all be attributed to our new, always-on-camera climate and the constant presence of a facemask.

Prevention rather than cure

An increasing number of people are choosing plastic surgery to prevent aging rather than to turn back the clock. Botox is routinely being administered to patients in their twenties as a preventative measure, and many millenials are choosing to have laser and chemical peels so their skin can be in its best possible condition and they can forgo heavy makeup and channel a more natural look.