Your Perfect Face

face symmetry image

Facial symmetry is regarded by many as a vital to beauty as it adheres to the Golden Ratio, but asymmetry is natural and perfectly symmetrical faces are not always the most beautiful. In fact, it is the combination of proportion, shape, and volume that is more important than facial symmetry in terms of true beauty and in many cases asymmetry can actually create a uniqueness to someone’s beauty – the 1980’s supermodel Linda Evangelista was testament to this.

That said, with too much asymmetry, beauty decreases and in extreme instances, significant facial asymmetry can be the source of both functional and aesthetic issues, which can result in a necessary surgical intervention.

With expertise and an ability to measure discrepancies between soft tissue, skeletal, and dental disparities on the right side and left side of the face, a surgeon can decide on a treatment plan.

Certain asymmetries can easily be addressed with certain minimally invasive treatments or even fillers, which can be administered to add volume to one side of the cheek or jaw or correct minor nasal asymmetries. Soft tissue fillers are no longer just ‘line fillers.’ These products are now more appropriately used for facial volume restoration and enhancement. Botox is used by some surgeons to help reduce the prominence of the jaw or raise an eyebrow that sits too low.

If asymmetry is severe, with noticeable skeletal differences between the right and left sides of the face, then it might be more appropriate to use facial implants to balance out the face. For instance, if a surgeon uses two different sized cheek implants it can correct a mid-face imbalance.

Unfortunately, asymmetry between the two sides of the face increases steadily with aging but thanks to the clever use of implants or soft tissue volumizers surgeons can improve facial asymmetry and restore youthful proportions, especially from the eyebrows down to the chin.